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Rosalie Richard, Supervising Technologist, Immunology Laboratory


There have been a few cases that have really stayed with me – one case pretty recently actually. About a year ago, late on a Friday afternoon, I received a phone call from a Pediatrician who wanted me to do a celiac test on a child who was very sick in the Pediatric Unit. If this test did not come back positive they would have to airlift the child to IWK. We don’t run every test daily and this type of test was not scheduled for that particular day – it takes 4 hours for the results to be seen. However, without hesitation I started up the instrument and ran the test.

I left work very late that day, but I was able to give the doctor the best result. She now knew the diagnosis and was able to treat the child right here at the QEH, saving the family and the child from an unnecessary visit to the IWK. I have come to appreciate that a lot of times the hardest part of dealing with sickness is the waiting and wondering.

That family did not have the stress of wondering all week-end what was wrong with their child. I was very proud of what I did that day and my role in helping the doctor. I did make a difference!

Rosalie Richard is the Supervising Technologist for the Immunology Lab. She has worked in the QEH Laboratory for 24 years.