Allergy Diagnostics

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Learn more about what triggers an allergic reaction, the importance of IgE and why measuring IgE is an important step towards managing symptoms and helping patients feel better.

Pioneers in Allergy Testing

Phadia develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative blood test systems to aid in the diagnosis and disease management of allergies and autoimmune disorders.  As the world leader in in vitro allergy diagnostics, Phadia supplies seven out of ten allergy laboratory tests worldwide. Thermo Scientific™ lmmunoCAP™ lab tests accurately measure specific lgE antibody blood levels, as well as other important allergy risk markers. ImmunoCAP is one of the most important tools for understanding allergy, helping clinicians make sense of symptoms such as rhinitis, eczema, wheezing and asthma.

High-quality raw materials

To develop allergy tests, you have to have the allergens readily available. Over their nearly 40-year-long history, Phadia has perfected our production techniques to ensure a constant supply of pure, stable and active allergens.

ImmunoCAP Allergen Components are single proteins purified from their natural source or produced via recombinant techniques.

ImmunoCAP Laboratory Tests

Test results with high clinical value are key for clinical decisions and diagnostic success.

ImmunoCAP Lab tests provide reliable results that support primary care physicians as well as specialists in providing optimal patient management. ImmunoCAP Lab tests are run on fully automated Phadia Laboratory Systems, designed to deliver accurate and reproducible test results, increase operational efficiency and shorten turnaround time.

ImmunoCAP – a highly perfected technology recognized as THE GOLD STANDARD

Designed as sandwich assays, the solid phase of ImmunoCAP ensures binding of all, but only relevant antibodies. This is achieved through an extreme binding capacity in combination with an optimal amount of cellulose in each ImmunoCAP vial.

The solid phase coupled to Phadia standardized allergen source material, recombinant allergen components and relevant markers ensures unmatched clinical value.

ImmunoCAP Allergy & Asthma Assays

To enable comprehensive diagnosis Phadia has designed a wide variety of allergy and asthma assays. These assays include tests that cover several categories, including:

  • Grass, weed and tree pollens
  • Microorganisms
  • Mites
  • Cats, dogs and other furred animals
  • Insects
  • Venoms
  • Food allergens
  • ECP – a cellular marker for asthma and inflammation
  • Tryptase – a mast cell marker

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