Immuno Concepts was founded in 1979 with a commitment to advance the quality of diagnostic assays for systemic rheumatic diseases. Over thirty years later they continue to honor that commitment.

In 1979 Immuno Concepts pioneered the conversion from rodent tissue to HEp-2 cells for detection of anti-nuclear antibodies (ANAs). Using genetic engineering Immuno Concepts developed HEp-2000®, an ANA substrate with increased sensitivity for detection of autoantibodies to SS-A/Ro. Immuno Concepts was the first company to offer a non-fluorescent ANA. Their Colorzyme® methodology uses a patented stabilized color reagent system that allows slide-based assays to be read using common bright field microscopy. From the beginning Immuno Concepts has been committed to education. Each year they offer workshops to educate clinicians and laboratorians on the valuable information that can be gained from the proper use of ANA screening and related testing. Immuno Concepts offers self-help training in the form of their Visions II and III Training Series, pattern atlases, and pocket guides.

Immuno Concepts makes a variety of products to assist in the serological diagnosis of Systemic Rheumatic Disease.

  • HEp-2000® and HEp-2 IFA Kits/Slides
  • Colorzyme® Kits/Slides
  • Image Navigator and AFT-3000®

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