Biomed InPouch™ TV

InPouch™ TV – Diagnostic Test for Trichomonas Vaginalis

A highly selective culture media device for the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis. InPouch TV is a cost-effective, easy to use, broth media device for combined collection, incubation, and detection. Widely used in STI and out-patient clinics, as well as hospitals and remote field-based healthcare, due to its 15-30-minute presumptive result.

Simply swab and inoculate the fluid within InPouch at the point-of-care. The selective, nutritive media provides presumptive-positive results of one or more live trichomonads in a little over 15 minutes. No plating, or wet mount slide preparation are needed. Plus you can dramatically reduce workload and lab costs by placing InPouch directly on the microscope stage for low power (100x) observation.

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