Sebia Capillarys 2 – The New Generation of Capillary Electrophoresis System

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This innovative system optimizes the concept of liquid flow electrophoresis for application in the clinical diagnostic laboratory. Eight narrow capillary tubes filled with electrolyte solution function concurrently providing unsurpassed throughput of up to 80 serum protein results per hour. Proteins are detected directly at a wavelength of 200nm eliminating the need for staining while providing a high degree of precision and accuracy. Complete walk-away automation is provided from start to finish.

Designed for continuous feed of samples, the operator simply places a bar coded primary sample tube on the instrument. The CAPILLARYS does the rest. Tight temperature control during sample migrations provides consistent reproducibility from analysis-to-analysis and from capillary-to-capillary. A new SQL database system allows for storage of an unlimited number of result curves and data. Additionally, an imaging scanner can also be connected to the CAPILLARYS for scanning and processing of all other Sebia assays eliminating the need for any additional densitometer or imaging device.

 Other features of the CAPILLARYS include:

  • Automatic delimiting of curves and identification of fractions minimizing operator editing.
  • Ability to import quantitative specific protein results providing one comprehensive chartable report.
  • The capability of importing comments from a word processor for unlimited comment entry.
  • A comprehensive quality control program with statistical reduction of three Q.C. levels including Levy-Jennings charts.
  • Customized printing allowing compressed printouts of results and curves saving both time and paper.
  • Run results printed on the patient report.
  • Full operator programming control over results printing order to speed processing
  • Full Networking capabilities (remote station)


The MINICAP, with a small instrument footprint, is designed to optimize and completely automate electrophoresis testing in low- to medium-testing volume laboratories. The MINICAP  represents the latest evolution in Sebia’s innovative line of capillary electrophoresis technology, which also includes the CAPILLARYS 2. Both the MINICAP and the CAPILLARYS 2 instruments provide complete walk-away automation, requiring significantly less technologist involvement. Simply place a bar-coded primary sample tube on the system and walk away. Positive sample identification is achieved with full traceability and decreased potential for errors.

The MINICAP utilizes liquid flow electrophoresis with buffer as the medium, as opposed to agarose gel. Two capillaries are utilized for testing in order to obtain a throughput of up to 20 serum protein samples per hour. With a continuous-access sample wheel, STAT protein electrophoresis results can be obtained in less than 10 minutes. Direct protein detection is achieved by a measurement at 200 nm, eliminating the need for staining while improving accuracy and linearity. ebia’s capillary electrophoresis instrument provides complete walk-away automation from bar-coded primary sample tube to final result – positive sample ID.

MINICAP Features:

  • Superior database system allowing storage of up to 100,000 capillary electrophoresis result curves and data.
  • Automatic delimiting of capillary electrophoresis curves and identification of fractions which minimizes operator editing.
  • Ability to import quantitative protein results allowing for one comprehensive chartable report.
  • Capability to import comments — unlimited comment entry
  • Comprehensive QC program including Levey-Jennings charts.
  • Capability for within lab networking through a modem connection.

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