Tissue-Tek Film® Automated Coverslipper – The clear choice

The Sakura Tissue-Tek Film® Coverslipper is the fastest and only film coverslipper in the world capable of connecting to the Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus stainer to increase laboratory productivity. With over 3 billion slides coverslipped with our xylene activated adhesive-backed Sakura Tissue-Tek® Coverslipping Film, now in its 5th generation, the Film Coverslipper is the clear choice for laboratories worldwide for over 30 years.

The Sakura Tissue-Tek Film® Coverslipper’s unprecedented throughput of 1,080 slides per hour remains unmatched. The Coverslipping Film’s fast drying time minimizes the long wait time to air-dry trays of glass coverslipped slides. This results in users providing clean high quality dried slides to the pathologists faster.

Whether standalone or connected to the Prisma stainer, the Film Coverslipper’s unload carousel holds up to 240 slides, providing on-board storage and minimizing frequency of unloading small batches of coverslipped slides.

Connecting the Tissue-Tek Film® Coverslipper to the Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus stainer creates an integrated, fully automated walkaway staining process from slide baking to slide drying.

Tissue-Tek® Glas g2 Glass Coverslipper

Fast and robust glass coverslipping

The Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 Glass Coverslipper handles histopathology and cytology slide sections by reproducing traditional hand coverslipping and ensures accurate coverslip placement, high clarity and bubble free coverage. The Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 provides high reliability while delivering up to 400 slides per hour.

The Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 utilizes automation that offers the latest technology ensuring that each slide is perfectly coverslipped and clean. Up to 9 customizable programs can be stored that specify different coverslip size, speed and volume of mounting medium to handle different specimen types and applications.

Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 Coverslips conveniently preloaded in disposable holders are available in lengths of 40, 50 and 60 mm, which provides users the efficiency needed in any laboratory. Users may manually load glass coverslips in provided reusable holders.

Whether using standalone or connected to the Prisma stainer,  the Tissue-Tek®Glas™ g2 unload carousel holds up to 240 slides, providing on-board storage and minimizing frequency of unloading small batches of coverslipped slides.

Sakura Tissue-Tek® Prisma™ Link

Prisma Film 2Prisma G2

Tissue-Tek® Prisma®/Film® or Tissue-Tek® Prisma®/G2®  provides laboratories with an easy-to-use platform that combines routine staining, special stain techniques, and coverslipping – all in one fully integrated system. The Tissue-Tek® Prisma® allows continuous loading of up to 60 slides at a time with a throughput of up to 500 slides per hour. It offers easy programming and instant visual tracking of staining runs with touch-sensitive color screens, and enables concurrent runs of routine H&E and special stains protocols.

This true walk-away system allows the technologist to simply load the slides onto the stainer and only return once the coverslipping has been completed.  Sakura is the only manufacturer to offer the choice of coverslipping preference between glass coverslipping or film coverslipping, allowing the customers the ability to choose the system that best fits their needs.

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