Sebia Phoresis


Sebia’s state-of-the art digital imaging system is designed for the automatic scanning and storage of Sebia gel electrophoresis results. The Phoresis system may scan up to 6 gels simultaneously, and is able to process 324 samples in 4 minutes. The easy to use software guides the operator through a few easy steps: place the gel(s) on the high definition flatbed scanner, select the gel type(s), select the scan icon and view results after each scan.

The Phoresis system offers the following features:

  • Large menu of gel types may be scanned e.g. Protein, Hemoglobin, Immunofixation and iso –enzymes
  • Extensive and easy curve editing functions including overlay of past patient curves to a current curve
  • Curve mosaic allowing for the rapid review of up to 30 curves
  • Gel images and curves are displayed to facilitate interpretation and editing
  • Patient report may be customized to suit individual laboratory requirements
  • Complete QC package including Levy Jennings charts
  • Database capabilities allow the storage and easy recall of 10000 electrophoresis curves and 4000 immunofixation images
  • Option to add a bar code reader to the system
  • Bi-directional interface capability

Sebia Gelscan

Densitometry Scanning System for High Resolution Image Capture:

GELSCAN utilizes CCD technology which gives a multipoint densitometry reading; this allows for precise quantification of all the fractions. The GELSCAN can also help reduce turn-around-time with a full gel being processed in less than one minute, regardless of the gel size or configuration. Other features include: bi-dimensional measurements, automatic image position correction, and direct visualization with accurate optical density measurement. The system performs an automatic self-calibration and is operated by user-friendly PHORESIS software with extensive curve editing capabilities and customized report options.

This state of the art technology is available as a stand-alone system, GELSCAN, or with HYDRASYS® 2SCAN instrument that allows the user to perform all of the steps for gel electrophoresis on one platform


  • High-resolution image capture technology
  • Direct visualization with accurate optical density measurement
  • Automatic system calibration to ensure light source homogeneity (100% of light transmission)
  • Precise quantification of all fractions
  • High performance, all gel types, with a measure of the black before scanning (0% of light transmission)
  • Perfect stability of the system during data capture
  • Less than one minute per gel – both image capture and data processing
  • Automatic detection of the electrophoretic track location on the gel

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