Sakura Accu-Edge® Grossing Stations

Sakura Accu-Edge® Grossing Stations represent a full line of superior stations designed to meet your lab’s every need. Accu-Edge® Grossing Stations are constructed from high-quality stainless steel and are equipped with a vacuum breaker-protected water supply. Each grossing station model is available with two duct options; ducting either to an outside ventilation source or by using the self-contained ventilation system with replaceable filters.

Other standard features include a large sink with mixing faucet, spray hose assembly, ½ horsepower disposal, small specimen and dissecting area rinses, ample lighting, formalin container with spigot, C-fold paper towel holder, waterproof ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) electrical receptacles, magnetic instrument holder, and a polyethylene dissecting board.

Sakura Accu-Edge® Grossing Tools

Specially developed to ensure consistent, uniform grossing results, the Accu-Edge® grossing tools include a specially designed grossing board available in two sizes, standard and large. Featuring two adjustable wells that ensure grossing to an exact thickness, this board enables complete standardization of the grossing process. Integrated rulers on either side of the board also enable gross measurement of specimens.

In addition, Accu-Edge® trimming knives and scalpel blades provide the sharp cuts necessary for these exact grossing techniques. And new tissue tampers help maintain a firm hold on specimens while making horizontal cuts. The Accu-Edge® product line also includes three grossing forks designed to hold specimens such as skin, arteries, colon, and any specimens with layers during grossing, while maintaining perfect specimen form. Each fork is designed with two sets of sharp tines, separated by a space measuring 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5 mm. Cuts are made on the outer sides of the fork for precise results

Key Features:
• Accu-Edge® trimming knives are used for grossing larger specimens using the large well on the grossing board
• Accu-Edge® scalpel knives can be used for sectioning smaller specimens or trimming tissue while using grossing forks
• Accu-Edge® tissue tampers hold specimens in place while grossing

Sakura Accu-Edge® Blade System

The Accu-Edge® Blade System offers a complete line of instruments designed for microtomy and anatomical grossing. Each instrument is designed for convenience and ease of handling, providing optimal performance for each specific task. Made from the most durable material, the ultra-sharp Accu-Edge® Blades are the tools you need to meet your most demanding microtomy, grossing, or dissecting requirements.

Sakura Tissue-Tek® FormaGO®

Formalin Safety Just Got Safer

The Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Safety System includes products that further protect your staff and the environment from the hazardous effects of formalin. Sakura developed this new product line to improve performance, reliability and convenience in handling formalin, with the safety of our valued customers and the environment in mind.

The Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Safety System includes products that protect your staff and environment from the hazardous effects of formalin.  Please read about the features and benefits of the Tissue-Tek® FormaGO®Formalin Safety System, which include:

– 18% more absorption of formalin1
– 2-3 times faster neutralization of formalin in as little as 5 minutes2
– Multiple sizes of pads to help prevent specimen cross-contamination between cases

1Comparison of Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Absorption Pads Large with Tissue-Tek® Neutra-Pads®
2Comparison of Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Neutralizer with Tissue-Tek® Neutralex®

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