Immuno Concepts Image Navigator Automated Microscope

The Image Navigator™ is a major innovation for the clinical laboratory. Now that the international community has recommended that all screening and titering for ANA testing takes place with ANA slide assays, the laboratory is looking for labor savings solutions for this assay. The Image Navigator™ automates the scanning of patient samples on Immuno Concepts’ fluorescent Hep-2000® assay by capturing up to four images per field, and sorts them into positive and negative folders for review by the technologist. This allows the technologist to quickly scan images for ANA negative patient samples, which represent the majority of results that are interpreted by laboratories. The positive patient samples are then reviewed individually to determine positivity and to confirm the pattern, then determine if additional semi-quantitative titering is required. Any patients requiring titering can be easily loaded into the next run for testing.


Tecan DSR™ Systems

Tecan DSR™ Systems are a new range of automated platforms specifically designed for laboratories that require flexibility combined with high performance.

DSR 550x501

Whether you need high throughput systems for ELISA or IFA assays, or a compact system as front line or back-up, there is a DSR™ System to suit your needs. All  DSR™ Systems are based on the SIAS platform which utilizes the state of the art high precision micro-annular pumps, eliminating the need for syringes. These provide high precision with low noise levels and require minimal maintenance.

Systems Available:

  • DSR™ie – ELISA and IFA in one system
  • DSR™i  – IFA system
  • DSR™i1000 –  a 4 probe IFA system

High Performance:

  • TipWasher probe for superior IFA washing—ceramic (silicon fluoride) coated inside and out
  • Quiet and fast operation through the high precision micro-annular pumps
  • Accuracy—1 µL – 5%, 20 µL – <1%
  • Carry over—down to 10 (minus 7) depending on wash cycles and reagent characteristics
  • Liquid level and clot detection via capacitance detection
  • Image Navigator™ ready


  • Open, versatile programming
  • User can definable many variables for each assay
  • Modular layout for varying requirements


  • Fast IFA processing for up to 25/15 slides (depending on the DSR™ model)
  • Up to 12 different tests simultaneously
  • Full ELISA processing for up to 2 plates ( DSR™ ie model)
  • Minimal maintenance for a speedy start / end of day


  • Bi-directional LIS interfacing
  • Full sample traceability
  • Image Navigator™ ready
  • Front-cover

Immuno Concepts AFT3000™


The AFT3000™ is a new enhanced processing system that boasts several new features along with all of the existing capabilities of its predecessor, the AFT2000®.  The AFT3000™ can run up to 9 slides at once and includes an on-board barcode reader that automatically reads sample barcodes.  The on-board barcode reader simplifies labour intensive work list preparation. Using the barcode reader, specify number of patients, load samples, and then walk away. The instrument will do the rest while ensuring traceability throughout the run.

The AFT3000™ also comes with recently released CCX software that features high quality graphics and is designed to be user-friendly.  In order to streamline the laboratory’s ANA testing procedures, the AFT3000™ communicates directly with the Image Navigator to eliminate transcription errors.  As with the AFT2000®, the AFT3000™ also comes with an optional cover to offer increased protection during assay processing.  Although slightly larger than its predecessor, the AFT3000™ still boasts a small footprint that requires minimal bench space at 26” width x 22” depth x 16.5” height.  The optional cover increases height dimension to 24.5” and clearance to 32”.

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