Image Navigator Automated Microscope


Image Navigator® represents a major innovation for the clinical laboratory.


The  Image Navigator® automated microscope helps quickly obtain and analyze high-quality images of Hep-2 cells. The Image Navigator® was designed to remove the subjectivity of manual reading by enhancing the user’s ability to become more confident in making the correct decision. Learning monospecific control patterns is easy; however, most users struggle with positivity. The algorithm in the Image Navigator® software eases the uncertainty of positivity by quickly sorting the potential positive and negative results.

This allows the technologist to quickly scan images for ANA negative patient samples, which represent the majority of results that are interpreted by laboratories. The positive patient samples are then reviewed individually to determine positivity and to confirm the pattern, then determine if additional semi-quantitative titering is required. Any patients requiring titering can be easily loaded into the next run for testing.

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