LGC Clinical Diagnostics


LGC Clinical Diagnostics has served the global life sciences community, with distinction, for 25 years.  They develop and manufacture the highest quality, biologically-based products and offer a broad range of related services, backed by expertise in virology, serology, immunology, and molecular biology. LGC Clinical Diagnostics develops and manufactures Accurun controls, panels, and characterized disease state materials for method validation, monitoring, training, troubleshooting and meeting regulatory requirements.

LGC Clinical Diagnostics is:

Best in class quality standards; ISO 9001 and 13485 certified and comply with cGMP standards; complete traceability, from sourcing through manufacturing, to product delivery; a broad scope of biological products reduces variability in your process.

Best in class scientific support; expertise in virology, immunology, molecular biology, and biochemistry; highly trained and experienced sales and technical support; a proven legacy of custom assay design and custom product development to meet your specifications.

LGC Clinical Diagnostics comprehensive line of independent positive and negative controls enhances quality control and quality assurance in your diagnostic testing lab. Controls for both NAT and serology are available, plus genetic controls for warfarin sensitivity and thrombophilia research. ACCURUN controls may be offered in multiple series. Series designation indicates the control is formulated at a specific concentration or may be used on a specific platform.


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