Sakura Tissue-Tek® Xpress® x120

Bring the new era in rapid tissue processing to your lab

The Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 represents the latest advances in the evolution of rapid tissue processing. Optimal for your histology lab, the Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 makes a positive impact on pathology, using only four reagents and providing complete tissue processing in approximately 1 hour. The Tissue-Tek Xpress® x Series meets objective Lean and Six Sigma criteria.

The Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 utilizes breakthrough microwave technology, optimized molecular-friendly reagents, and proven vacuum infiltration techniques, and permits processing biopsy and routine specimens in the same run, while still maintaining specimen integrity.

You can expect continuous throughput yielding up to 960 cassettes in an 8-hour shift. Up to 40 cassettes can be loaded every 20 minutes. And the total volume of reagents used is reduced by about 80% compared with traditional methods. Reagents are presented ready-to-use in disposable containers. This gentler process preserves DNA, RNA, and proteins in the paraffin block when specimens are processed fresh or pre-fixed with Tissue-Tek Xpress®Molecular Fixative.

Sakura Tissue-Tek® Xpress® x50

Standardized processing in record time

The Tissue-Tek Xpress® x50 delivers unprecedented productivity and maximizes staff efficiency. Ideal for your smaller or specialized workloads, the Tissue-Tek Xpress® x50 eliminates work bottlenecks, dramatically improving workflow.

The Tissue-Tek Xpress® x50 processes up to 440 specimens in an 8-hour shift, with the ability to load up to 40 cassettes approximately every 45 minutes. It provides outstanding time and cost savings, as well as increased staff safety, while producing standardized, accurate results paralleling those from overnight processing, allowing same-day diagnosis and, ultimately, improved patient care.

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