Sakura Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainer

Automated Slide Staining for Your Laboratory


HistoTek SL Slide Stainer 2

The Histo-Tek® SL provides reliable automated slide staining with countertop convenience. Able to stain up to 100 slides per hour, the Histo-Tek® SL eliminates labor-intensive manual staining while standardizing the process for optimal quality and error reduction. The Histo-Tek® SL features 15 programmable staining protocols with up to 35 steps each for maximum flexibility. Protocols can be saved and shared across multiple devices via USB drive for complete slide staining standardization.


  • Stains up to 100 slides per hour
  • Smaller footprint fits most countertops
  • Standardizes the staining process for optimal quality and error reduction
  • 22 stain reservoirs
  • Two plumbed rinse stations for wash flexibility
  • 30 slides per arm movement
  • Charcoal filter or optional vent kit
  • 15 easily programmable staining protocols with up to 35 steps each for maximum staining flexibility
  • Optional special stain reservoirs
  • Allows staining program storage on USB drive for multiple Histo-Tek® SL stainers
  • Tinted fume cover to protect from UV light



Sakura Tissue-Tek® Prisma™

Prisma 2

With several configurations available for routine staining, special staining or a combination of both, the Tissue-Tek® Prisma® is the most flexible two-in one multiple stainer on the market, staining a maximum of 11 runs at the same time. The configurations are easy to change thanks to simple software and a convenient tray system that holds the specific staining reservoirs. With the availability of three volumes reagent reservoirs to stain 10, 20 or 60 slides per run, your laboratory will experience the most efficient way of routine and special staining for tissue samples.

Sakura Tissue-Tek® Film® Coverslipper

Film 650 x 650

Designed to work in combination with the Tissue-Tek® Prisma™ automated slide stainer, the Tissue-Tek® Film® Automated Coverslipper offers the most advanced technology available to make coverslipping as effortless as possible. Slides are immersed in solvent to minimize drying and ensure an instant, secure bond when Tissue-Tek® coverslipping film is applied. After coverslipping, slides are held in a carousel with a full capacity of 240 slides. Retrieving slides is simple: users just remove each basket randomly. The carousel sensors identify all empty and full positions, automatically rotating to the next open space for true walkaway operation.

Sakura Tissue-Tek® GLAS™ g2 Coverslipper


Glas G2

The Sakura Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 coverslipper represents the next generation of traditional glass slide preparation. Delivering up to 400 slides per hour—reliably— it provides optimal performance, while its smart, simple design makes it easy to operate. Whether this system is linked with Tissue-Tek® Prisma® or functions on its own, the Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 provides automated coverslipping convenience with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Links with Tissue-Tek® Prisma® Stainer
  • Unloading station accommodates 12 slide baskets (240 slides)
  • Continuous loading
  • Low mounting medium alert
  • 500 mL mounting medium capacity
  • Slide gripper accommodates slides with paper labels
  • Programmable drying time
  • Independent operation and loading when linked to Prisma® Stainer
  • Up to 9 programs accommodate 8 different sizes of glass coverslips
  • 2 drying fans on top and bottom of slides
  • Advanced filtration system for a safe, comfortable environment

Sakura Tissue-Tek® Prisma™ Link

Prisma Film 2Prisma G2

Tissue-Tek® Prisma®/Film® or Tissue-Tek® Prisma®/G2®  provides laboratories with an easy-to-use platform that combines routine staining, special stain techniques, and coverslipping – all in one fully integrated system. The Tissue-Tek® Prisma® allows continuous loading of up to 60 slides at a time with a throughput of up to 500 slides per hour. It offers easy programming and instant visual tracking of staining runs with touch-sensitive color screens, and enables concurrent runs of routine H&E and special stains protocols.

This true walk-away system allows the technologist to simply load the slides onto the stainer and only return once the coverslipping has been completed.  Sakura is the only manufacturer to offer the choice of coverslipping preference between glass coverslipping or film coverslipping, allowing the customers the ability to choose the system that best fits their needs.

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