SEBIA Hydrasys 2 Scan



A complete system which designed to carry out all the different phases of electrophoresis testing from sample application to the final reading:

HYDRASYS 2 benefits from latest technological developments at SEBIA in the field of electrophoresis. This new instrument offers a high level of performances in the clinical diagnostics market. HYDRASYS 2 is a self-contained complete system which carries out all phases of electrophoresis testing from sample application to the final reading.

The HYDRASYS 2SCAN is equipped with a new concept reader, which carries out instantaneous densitometry measurement and fast reading of the gel. The results operating software (PHORESIS) associated with the reader has tested qualities and performances. PHORESIS enables fast and user-friendly access.  With a small footprint and easy-to-use instrument, operators can rapidly perform any agarose gel electrophoresis from the HYDRAGEL series: Proteins, IF, Lipoproteins, Hemoglobins, LDL/HDL Cholesterol, Iso-enzymes. The Focusing version, with the installation of an optional High – Voltage module associated with specific programs, gives access to ISOFOCUSING assays: HYDRAGEL 3 and 9 CSF ISOFOCUSING and HYDRAGEL 18 A1AT ISOFOCUSING kits. HYDRASYS 2 is a compact and polyvalent instrument which accommodates and adapts to any workload – from the smallest to the largest.

Sebia Assist

Smart Assistance – Automated Sample Preparation for Agarose Gel Electrophoresis:

Developed to address the needs of clinical diagnostic laboratories, this innovative autosampler eliminates manual pipetting with direct sample application from the primary tubes, and has full barcode management for positive patient identification. The ASSIST can also perform automatic dispensing of antisera for immunofixation with Sebia’s Dynamic Mask application system. The ASSIST allows for either standard or customized sample dilutions which are very useful for both immunofixation and CSF assays.

ASSIST’s automated sampling capability streamlines laboratory workflow and maximizes biohazard safety for your laboratory. In addition, the autosampler boasts loading and storage capacity of up to four applicators for processing of 60 Protein or 9 Immunofixation samples, with complete walk-away capabilities.


  • Automation and standardization of sample preparation
  • Elimination of manual pipetting with direct sampling from primary tubes.
  • Standard or customized sample dilutions.
  • Automatic dispensing of antisera (immunofixation assays) on Dynamic Mask.
  • Elimination of contamination or risk of evaporation.
  • High throughput sample preparation and antisera pipetting.
  • Positive sample identification
  • Barcode management from primary tubes.
  • Linked with data acquisition software, PHORESIS and the  HYDRASYS 2 SCAN  instrument.
  • Flexible programming of standard or customized sample dilutions.
  • Simple operation and minimal maintenance.
  • Connectivity with HYDRASYS 2 SCAN & PHORESIS: maximum safety through positive sample identification, continuous traceability*.

 *Under Development

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