Three Vial Stool Transports

Meridian offers a range of 3-vial fixative and preservative kit choices (PVA/Formalin/ Clean, Zn-PVA/Formalin/Clean, PVA/Formalin/C&S and more, at 84 kits/case). Kit systems are packaged in biobags with illustrated, multilingual patient instructions to assist in safe and sanitary specimen collection by personnel and/or patients.

  • LV-PVA/10% Formalin/Clean
  • LV-PVA/10% Formalin/C&S
  • SAF/Clean/C&S
  • Zn-PVA/10% Formalin/Clean
  • Zn-PVA/10% Formalin/C&S
  • EcoFix®/C&S/Clean
  • Ultra EcoFix®/C&S/Clean
  • Ultra 10% Formalin/Clean/C&S