Assisted Reproductive Technology

In July, 1978 Louise Joy Brown was born and her birth marked the beginning of what we now call Assisted Reproductive Technology.  Today there are nearly 30 In Vitro Fertilization Centers across Canada and more than 5,000 children born by IVF every year in Canada.

Somagen Diagnostics is proud to be a part of this dynamic, scientifically advanced, and life-altering field of medicine.  Somagen Diagnostics is a specialized sales organization  working closely with Canadian IVF clinics.  Somagen is partnered with manufacturers worldwide representing market leading products that set the gold standard for technology used throughout the IVF process.  From retrieval to transfer, Somagen Diagnostics offers a complete solution to meet the growing needs of fertility clinics across Canada.

Our innovative manufacturing partners represent industry leaders in technology, innovation, quality and consistency.  With a Canada wide sales team, and dedicated ART Product Specialists, Somagen is well positioned to provide a superior level of expertise and customer support to our valued customers.