Streck CVA

Ensuring Confidence in Every Patient Result:

Convenient and comprehensive, Calibration Verification Assessment (CVA) establishes an instrument’s reportable range as well as verifies linearity testing the extreme upper and lower limits of an instrument, assuring that abnormal patient results are valid. CVA and CVA for CELL-DYN® are assayed linearity control kits that are used to determine the patient reportable range of 3-part and 5-part hematology instruments. CVA also measures the linear performance of the analyzer. Each kit has customized ranges appropriate for each instrument model and provides instrument-specific assay values for the white blood cell (WBC), Platelet, red blood cell (RBC), and Hemoglobin parameters. WBC and Platelet parameters have extended ranges providing values up to 410,000 and 3.5 million for instruments with extended linearities. Data can be submitted to Streck for a comprehensive linearity report at no additional charge. Reports include a graph that clearly displays the instrument’s linearity and accuracy, a peer group comparison, and an interpretive results section — a useful tool to demonstrate compliance with laboratory regulations. All kits include WBC, PLT, and RBC/Hgb vials unless otherwise noted. See the Instrument List for the appropriate catalog number for your instrument or contact your Somagen sales representative.


  • 120-day closed-vial stability
  • 5-day open-vial stability