Tecan DSR™ Systems

Tecan DSR™ Systems are a new range of automated platforms specifically designed for laboratories that require flexibility combined with high performance.

DSR 550x501

Whether you need high throughput systems for ELISA or IFA assays, or a compact system as front line or back-up, there is a DSR™ System to suit your needs. All  DSR™ Systems are based on the SIAS platform which utilizes the state of the art high precision micro-annular pumps, eliminating the need for syringes. These provide high precision with low noise levels and require minimal maintenance.

Systems Available:

  • DSR™ie – ELISA and IFA in one system
  • DSR™i  – IFA system
  • DSR™i1000 –  a 4 probe IFA system

High Performance:

  • TipWasher probe for superior IFA washing—ceramic (silicon fluoride) coated inside and out
  • Quiet and fast operation through the high precision micro-annular pumps
  • Accuracy—1 µL – 5%, 20 µL – <1%
  • Carry over—down to 10 (minus 7) depending on wash cycles and reagent characteristics
  • Liquid level and clot detection via capacitance detection
  • Image Navigator™ ready


  • Open, versatile programming
  • User can definable many variables for each assay
  • Modular layout for varying requirements


  • Fast IFA processing for up to 25/15 slides (depending on the DSR™ model)
  • Up to 12 different tests simultaneously
  • Full ELISA processing for up to 2 plates ( DSR™ ie model)
  • Minimal maintenance for a speedy start / end of day


  • Bi-directional LIS interfacing
  • Full sample traceability
  • Image Navigator™ ready
  • Front-cover