Equipment Service and Support

Meeting the Challenge…

Somagen Diagnostics Product Support and Applications Team (PSAT):

Somagen was founded in 1988 in Edmonton, Alberta and since our inception we have become the largest Medical Diagnostics Distribution Company in Canada. Along the way, as our product lines grew, so too did our need to keep up with the challenge of providing the very best in customer support.  Today our instrument base is over 1500 systems across all Laboratory Disciplines and includes instruments in Histology, Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Research and Reproductive Technology.

In order to meet this challenge, in 2008, Somagen combined our Instrument Service Team with our Product Applications Group to form the Product Support and Applications Team (PSAT). The Product Support and Applications Team, now stronger as one, is focused on a single goal – bring together all the resources needed to solve customer concerns. Somagen Diagnostics recognizes that the key to delivering outstanding customer support comes from a team approach involving all stake-holders; customers, sales, product specialists, application specialists and field service engineers.

Your Product Support and Applications Team includes…

  • 12 Field Service Engineers
  • 6 Application Specialists
  • 4 Telephone Hotline Support Team Members
  • 1 Dedicated IT support solutions Team Member

Your Product Support Team brings a unique perspective to each problem by focusing on a support solution that is tailored to each situation. Our mandate is to respond quickly to each concern, bring together all the necessary resources required to resolve the problem and fix it in a timely fashion.

Somagen’s Product Support and Applications Team is ready to support you – we are your partner in Diagnostics Service Delivery.

For more information about our Product Support Service please call 1-800-661-9993.

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