Streck ESR-Chex

The First Whole Blood Sed-Rate Control for Automated and Manual Methods

ESR-Chex is a two-level hematology control used to monitor erythrocyte sedimentation rates. It provides superior sed-rate accuracy, reacting to physical factors such as bench top vibration, temperature, and tube angle and alerts the technologist to possible problems that may affect the accuracy of patient results. ESR-Chex is manufactured from human red blood cells and verifies the precision and accuracy of manual and automated methods. ESR-Chex is assayed for the most frequently used sedimentation rate tubes in conjunction with the Classical Westergren, Modified Westergren, and Wintrobe methods. Automated and modified procedures do not require removal of sodium citrate, and ESR-Chex is used in the same manner as a patient sample.


  • 12-Month closed-vial stability
  • 95-day open-vial stability