Meridian illumigene® C. difficile

NEW molecular assay for the detection of C. difficile in stool…

Illumigene Promise of

Meridian illumigene® is a simple, flexible, cost-effective molecular assay for C. difficile detection. Meridian illumigene® allows addition of molecular assays without the cost of additional labor or capital expenditures. illumigene® makes it possible for any laboratory, regardless of space, personnel, or budget limitations to implement molecular diagnostic capabilities. Meridian illumigene® delivers the power of molecular technology in a simplified and affordable format. Meridian Bioscience has employed Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) technology to design and manufacture the illumipro-10™, a compact, automated detection system with a very simple assay process that is the heart of illumigene®. Based on feedback from hundreds of laboratory professionals, illumigene® is the molecular diagnostic system clinical labs have been waiting for.

Compared to traditional PCR, illumigene® is:

  • Simpler with a smaller footprint
  • Faster and more flexible
  • Less costly and more cost-effective

Simpler and Smaller: The simple 7-step sample preparation process takes less than 2 minutes of hands-on time per sample. The illumipro-10™ offers walk-away automation. When you place the sample into the illumipro-10™ and press the “run” button, your work is done.

With illumigene® there is:

  • No centrifugation, precision pipetting
  • No thermal cycling
  • No gel electrophoresis

The illumipro-10:

  • Has a very small footprint—approximately the size of an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper
  • Internal and external keyboard as well as an internal bar code reader for flexible sample ID entry
  • Provides continuous access while running up to 10 samples at a time in 2 independent 5-sample chambers

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