Meridian ImmunoCard STAT! ® Crypto/Giardia

Rapid immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia antigens



Using Meridian’s ImmunoCard STAT!® Crypto/Giardia means not having to compromise at all. Now your lab can generate better results detecting the two most common causes of intestinal parasitic disease in less time and at less cost than traditional methods.

Efficient, effective and economical detection of the two most common enteric parasites. Results in approximately 10 minutes. Clearly defined test bands for rapid interpretation. One card, two results.

Meridian Catalogue #:  750830

Kit Size – 30 Test Cards

Shelf Life from date of manufacture – 10 Months

Storage Requirements 2°-8° C

Specimen Type – Stool

Assay Format – Enzyme Immunoassay

CE Marked – Yes


(Crypto): 97.3%

(Giardia): 100%


(Crypto): 100%

(Giardia): 100%