Meridian ImmunoCard STAT! ® E. coli O157 Plus

Rapid immunoassay for detection of E. coli O157:H7 in stool specimens or culture:

One-step, easy-to-follow procedure provides more accurate results in less than 20 minutes. Superior sensitivity (82%) compared to O157:H7 culture plates (50%).

Meridian Catalogue # 750530

Kit Size – 30 Test Cards

Shelf Life from date of manufacture – 24 Months

Storage Requirements 2°-8° C

Specimen Type – Direct Stool, Broth Enrichment, Plate Culture

Assay Format – Enzyme Immunoassay

CE Marked – Yes


Stool: 82.0%

MAC broth: 100.0%

SMAC plate: 100.0%


Stool: 99.0%

MAC broth: 100.0%

SMAC plate: 100.0%