Meridian ImmunoCard STAT! ® HpSA

Meridian’s ImmunoCard Technology provides the technician with a rapid immunoassay test that is qualitatively interpreted.

Rapid one-step immunoassay for the detection of H. pylori antigens in human stool:

Utilizes a monoclonal anti-H. pylori antibody as the capture and detector antibodies. A diluted patient stool sample is dispensed into the sample port of the test device and the appearance of a pink-red line in the reading window next to the letter T after 5 minutes of incubation at room temperature (20°–26° C) indicates a positive result.

Meridian Catalogue # 750720

Kit Size – 20 Tests

Shelf Life from date of manufacture – 24 Months

Storage Requirements 2°-8° C

Specimen Type – Stool

Assay Format – Test Card

CE Marked – Yes

Sensitivity – 90.6%

Specificity – 91.5%