OC-Sensor Diana

A high throughput automated analyzer used for the detection of CRC.


The fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is a common test used in colorectal cancer screening. The OC-Sensor Diana uses an immunoassay based FOBT method, which overcomes many of the limitations of the Guaiac method. It requires no dietary restrictions and only requires one sample from a single stool specimen, thus improving patient compliance.

Product Features:

  • Fully automated
  • 280 samples per hour
  • Easy calibration and automatic serial dilution
  • Stat mode
  • Auto start/ Auto wash/ Auto shutdown functions
  • 100,000 sample memory
  • Bar coded reagents
  • 10.5” LCD display
  • Closed sampling bottle  

Product Benefits:

  • More results in less time. Increase your lab capabilities and productivity
  • Easy implementation in lab
  • Never come in contact with the sample
  • Automation removes subjectivity of reading test results
  • Samples can be bar coded
  • Patient results are automatically updated into their records, eliminating transcription errors
  • Continuous feed of samples
  • Compact design (133 lbs., 24.8” x 22” x 22”) is ideal for workstation set-up