Streck Philisa® Thermal Cycler

Reliable PCR in Under 15 Minutes:

The Philisa® Thermal Cycler is an innovative high speed polymerase chain reaction (PCR) instrument with the potential to improve laboratory efficiency and flexibility. Rapid thermal ramp rates, precise thermal control, and thin-walled plastic tubes, enable your lab to perform fast and reliable PCR in under 15 minutes.

Reduced Amplification Time:

Reduce your PCR amplification time to less than 15 minutes using standard PCR chemistry. Save time without sacrificing results.

Industry Leading Ramp Rates:

While other thermal cyclers offer maximum ramp rates of 5ºC/s, Philisa achieves heating ramp rates up to 15ºC/s and cooling ramp rates up to 12ºC/s, making the Philisa Thermal Cycler the best choice for fast PCR.

Reaction Volume Flexibility:

Whether you use 10 µl or 50 µl, the Philisa Thermal Cycler maintains its ultra-fast speeds, so you can turn around reactions of either volume quickly.

Enzyme and Template Flexibility:

Perform rapid PCR from E. coli, Lambda, and human genomic DNA using enzymes such as Platinum Taq and KOD Hot-Start Polymerase.

 High Sensitivity:

Amplify products from very low template copy numbers in under 20 minutes, including hgDNA.

Well to Well Uniformity:

Ensure consistent, reproducible results across reactions with excellent well-to-well uniformity and thermal accuracy.