Sakura Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainer

Automated Slide Staining for Your Laboratory


HistoTek SL Slide Stainer 2

Introducing Histo-Tek® SL, an automated slide stainer that offers a new level of convenience and standardization for low-volume labs.

The Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainer standardizes the staining process to optimize quality while reducing errors.  The Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainer allows for up to 15 programmable staining protocols with up to 35 steps.   The multi-directional robotic arm enables either progressive or regressive staining protocols and the 20 or 30-slide racks option make it ideal for low to medium volume laboratories.  It is a simple and intelligent instrument for unsurpassed productivity – slide after slide.  Additional relevant features include: built-in fume extraction to improve lab staff safety, special stain reservoirs to run H&E or special stains, and an easy exchange of protocols through USB to standardize protocols throughout the lab while using multiple units.  Its small footprint of 33 W x 31 D x 16 H inches fits on standard lab countertops.


  • Stains up to 100 slides per hour
  • Smaller footprint fits most countertops
  • Standardizes the staining process for optimal quality and error reduction
  • 22 stain reservoirs
  • Two plumbed rinse stations for wash flexibility
  • 30 slides per arm movement
  • Charcoal filter or optional vent kit
  • 15 easily programmable staining protocols with up to 35 steps each for maximum staining flexibility
  • Optional special stain reservoirs
  • Allows staining program storage on USB drive for multiple Histo-Tek® SL stainers
  • Tinted fume cover to protect from UV light