Sakura Tissue-Tek® Archive Systems

Safe, Secure and Trusted Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Storage Cabinets


Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Slide Filing System





Trusted for more than 60 years, the Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® allows for convenient storage and retrieval of microscopic slides or transparencies. Two different vertical filing drawer sections can be stacked in any combination. 1″ drawer section, 14 drawers holds 465 (1″ x 3″) slides. 2″ drawer section, 7 drawers holds 271 (3″ x 2″) slides or 271 (2″ x 2″) transparencies.






Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Ultra






The Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Ultra provides a large storage capacity for slides and paraffin blocks. It consists of ten smooth rolling drawers for storing over 81,900 slides or 21,000 blocks. Constructed from sturdy steel for stackability and durability