ALIFAX® Sidecar

Automated Screening and Streaking of Urine Samples


Automated Streaking System with Rapid Bacteria Culture

Real walk-away system for rapid bacterial culture and plate streaking of liquid samples. The system is composed of two units: Alfred 60AST and Sidecar.

Sidecar streaking unit holds 240 petri dishes and up to 12 different media.

The streaked dishes are incubated on board at 37°C for the requested analysis time.

Positive samples are streaked automatically.


  • Light Scattering Technology
  • Quantitative results expressed in CFU/ml
  • Automated susceptibility testing with customized antibiotic panels
  • Real time detection of bacterial growth curves
  • Automatic reagent and sample dispensing
  • Automatic results reading and reporting
  • Refrigerated area at + 4°C for the storage of primary samples, antibiotics and 0.5 McFarland positive samples
  • Storage area for 240 petri dishes and up to 12 different culture media
  • On board Incubator at 37°C for 240 petri dishes
  • Automated labelling system for single plate
  • Calibrated Loop automated sterilization with heat before and after each streaking procedure
  • Different streaking procedures
  • Single sample management with customized analysis profile: incubation time, analytical protocol, cut-off and solid media selection
  • HEPA filter
  • LIS bidirectional interface and Query Host application

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