Streck Temp Chex Digital

Safe, Reliable, and Accurate Monitoring of Laboratory Temperatures:

Temp-Chex Digital is certified NIST-traceable, measures temperatures from -50º to 200ºC, and offers the convenience of an easy-to-read display and minimum/maximum temperature memory. The Temp-Chex Digital display unit is mounted magnetically or adhesively, by keyhole or flip-out desk stand. The Temp-Chex Digital thermometer probe is inserted in a vial of glass beads, so readings will not fluctuate with the opening and closing of doors, resulting in a more accurate reading. The Temp-Chex Digital thermometer is accurate to within +/-1ºC from -50º to 120ºC, +/-2ºC from 120º to 150ºC, and +/-4ºC from 150º to 200ºC. A temperature wall chart is included with each Temp-Chex Digital. No toxic or flammable chemicals are used in Temp-Chex Digital thermometers and no expensive clean-up kits or disposal services are needed.