Tissue-Tek® NanoMolds™

Nano Technology Coated Base Molds



Tissue-Tek® NanoMolds™ produce uniform paraffin blocks quicker and release them easier than traditional methods – all without the use of messy chemical mold release solutions.

Stainless steel base molds have a unique Nano Technology Coating that speeds up the embedding process helping laboratories save time, labor, and increase efficiency. Even more time is saved because residual paraffin is no longer left in the molds, drastically reducing the amount of cleaning necessary. Tissue-Tek NanoMolds are available in five popular sizes to fit all of your embedding needs.


  • Faster block release
  • Mold release solutions are no longer required
  • Molds do not have to be cleaned after every use
  • Saves time; paraffin blocks cool faster than when using non-coated molds
  • Available in 5 popular sizes