VisionTek® Digital Microscopes

Real-time slide review for Anatomical Pathology, Cytopathology and Hematopathology



The Sakura VisionTek® & VisionTek® M6 (6 levels of magnification)  have all the qualities of a conventional scanner and more.

The VisionTek® series are mechanically robust with user friendly software that respects the workflow pathologists & cytologists are familiar with. VisionTek® provides viewing access for up to four LIVE slides at a time in as quickly as 17 seconds from slide loading.

Intentionally designed to offer the morphologist complete control, it features multiple workflow options that includes image scanning for deferred digital slide diagnosis or Real Time image streaming for Live Glass Slide review.  All choices are balanced by the time, memory space  & image quality required from the morphologist for a more efficient use of laboratory resources.

VisionTek® M6 incorporates a motorized brightfield optical system, together with multiple cameras, automated XYZ, IR and image-based autofocus to convert optical fields of view of specimen on glass slides, at various magnifications, into high-resolution digital images that are displayed in real time on a high-resolution monitor for ergonomic viewing.

The UNIQUE MULTIPLANAR focusing capabilities sets the VisionTek® platform apart with its ability to visualize pathology or cytology slides, which are mono or multi-layer, in virtual or real time (direct microscope viewing) whether it be on site or from a remote location.

These qualities make the VisionTek®  the instrument of choice for evaluating:

  • Intraoperative frozen sections
  • Intraoperative FNA assessments
  • Plus all other smeared cytology or hematology specimens

Scanned regions of interest are user selectable (partial or whole scanned images) and can be saved in encrypted or Universal formats for standard viewing applications or Expert Software Image analysis. Finally, no special interface is needed for the transmission of scanned or real time images.

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