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Tosoh G11 290-SL

  • 290 samples on-board
  • 5 hours of walk-away time
  • Dimensions: 112 cm x 53 cm x 48 cm
  • 55 Kg

Tosoh G11 LA

Compatible with following tracks:

  • Sysmex XN
  • Beckman- Coulter (IDS)
  • Siemens Aptio
  • Inpeco

Tosoh HPLC Technology

  • Cation exchange resin has high affinity for Hb
  • Elution occurs by increasing ionic strength (variation of the mix of the buffer 1,2 and 3)
  • Separate each fraction (A1a, A1b, Hb F, LA1c, SA1c and Hb A0) at a specific time.
  • Optical reading at 415 nm

Tosoh 501 RP+ Software

  • Results review
  • Customizable Alarms and Flags
  • QC (Levey-Jennings)
  • Reagents traceability
  • Laboratory can build their own library of abnormal curves (or Hb variant)
  • Bidirectional communication with LIS/ Middleware