Fully Automated RPR Syphilis Testing

AIX 1000 Fully Automated NONTREPONEMAL RPR Syphilis Testing Instrument

The AIX1000 from Gold Standard Diagnostics is the world’s first fully automated system for nontreponemal RPR Syphilis testing. Simply load your reagents and up to 192 samples, then walk away. The AIX automates the processing, analysis, reporting and archival of results for both RPR screens and titers.

Cost Effective and Efficient

Reduce the amount of labor overhead dedicated to RPR testing, freeing personnel to increase productivity across laboratory operations. Improve the quality and consistency of your results.

Fully Automated

The RPR test procedure and results interpretation are fully automated. Reduce variation associated with manual testing & interpretation.

Performs Screens and Titres

Run flexible batch sizes of up to 192 samples in 90 minutes. The AIX1000 performs RPR screens and/or titers using automated protocols.

Easy Access to Results

Images of each RPR test result are stored digitally and are retrievable on demand for review anytime.

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