Proven analytical excellence meets high throughput.


Multiparametric stand alone instrument with 8/12 capillaries in parallel.


Flexibility of solutions

  • Stand alone, workcell or Total Laboratory Automation.

Optimized workflow and productivity

  • High throughput autonomous instruments with less technologist intervention. Faster generation of results.

Traceability and Security

  • Be assured that everything is under control, with full traceability for samples and reagents, capped tube management and mixing for whole blood

Quality of results

  • Have confidence when reporting your patients’ results with the best-in-class separation assay.

Result interpretation software

  • Powerful PHORESIS CORE software makes your patient management easy

Sebia CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing

Full Automation with Cap Piercing Technology


Versatile instrument

  • Serum, urine ( Protocol currently under validation), whole blood (capped tubes)

True Innovation

  • Whole blood analysis for hemoglobin electrophoresis with no pre-analytical preparation
  • Cap piercing for improved workflow and biohazard precautions
  • A true innovation for hemoglobinopathy testing

Comprehensive test menu

  •  Protein, Immunotyping, Hemoglobin, Urine Protein** and Urine Immunotyping**, CDT and HbA1c

Advanced technology with focus on highest quality of results

  • Parameters are optimized for each specific assay to achieve analytical superiority

Full automation

  • Cap Piercing with complete automation for improved workflow and operator safety
    Positive sample identification: full traceability from primary tube to final result

Enhanced hemoglobin throughput

  • Continuous sample feed
  • 8 simultaneous migrations
  • 37 samples/hour (296 samples in 8 hours)

Software and Design

  • Powerful and user-friendly software: clarity of results and ease of interpretation
  • SQL Client / Server database provides: Unlimited storage capacity of patients database
  • Networking capabilities for multi-client management, Stable performance with high data flow
  • Simplified operation with an ergonomic design
  • High standard engineering to guarantee maximum reliability and robustness
  • Easy maintenance

Tosoh G11 HPLC Analyzer

The Tosoh Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HLC-723G11 Variant Analysis Mode is the newest addition to Tosoh’s family of HPLC Analyzers. It has been specifically conceived to provide an answer to the ever increasing number of HbA1c requests and general need to optimize laboratory workflows. The G11 is a fast, precise and very user friendly instrument with many useful features.

The G11 has a very fast start-up time and daily checks are done in seconds. The analyzing routine only requires one push of a button and is done within 60 seconds in variant mode (30 seconds in standard mode). Results are shown on the very straightforward high resolution chromatograms. The G11 has automated stop and wash features and a customisable time to power off the unit. Furthermore, columns and filter changes are done in seconds. The HLC-723G11 is a high performance system that ensures smooth operation and trustworthy results.

In addition, the G11 has the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of modern laboratories by offering the unique opportunity to upgrade from 90 sample loader to 290 sample loader and laboratory automation models.

G11 HPLC Analyzer System Features:



  • Colour touch screen
  • Power on timer
  • Automated warming up


  • Reagent lot traceability
  • Expiry date traceability
  • Handheld barcode reader for reagents


  • High resolution chromatograms
  • Excellent separation
  • CV < 1% (NGSP/intra-assay)


  • HPLC = Gold Standard
  • Variable tube types
  • Diverse anti-coagulants


  • Customizable flags
  • Adjustable flag levels
  • TP monitoring


  • Analysis time 60 seconds (30 seconds in standard mode)
  • No need to stir samples
  • No rack selection needed


  • Automated stop
  • Automated wash
  • Power off timer

Peace of Mind

  • Column change is done in seconds
  • Finger tight connections
  • Good quality column

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