Proven analytical excellence meets high throughput.


Multiparametric stand alone instrument with 8/12 capillaries in parallel.


Flexibility of solutions

  • Stand alone, workcell or Total Laboratory Automation.

Optimized workflow and productivity

  • High throughput autonomous instruments with less technologist intervention. Faster generation of results.

Traceability and Security

  • Be assured that everything is under control, with full traceability for samples and reagents, capped tube management and mixing for whole blood

Quality of results

  • Have confidence when reporting your patients’ results with the best-in-class separation assay.

Result interpretation software

  • Powerful PHORESIS CORE software makes your patient management easy

Sebia CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing

Full Automation with Cap Piercing Technology


Versatile instrument

  • Serum, urine ( Protocol currently under validation), whole blood (capped tubes)

True Innovation

  • Whole blood analysis for hemoglobin electrophoresis with no pre-analytical preparation
  • Cap piercing for improved workflow and biohazard precautions
  • A true innovation for hemoglobinopathy testing

Comprehensive test menu

  •  Protein, Immunotyping, Hemoglobin, Urine Protein** and Urine Immunotyping**, CDT and HbA1c

Advanced technology with focus on highest quality of results

  • Parameters are optimized for each specific assay to achieve analytical superiority

Full automation

  • Cap Piercing with complete automation for improved workflow and operator safety
    Positive sample identification: full traceability from primary tube to final result

Enhanced hemoglobin throughput

  • Continuous sample feed
  • 8 simultaneous migrations
  • 37 samples/hour (296 samples in 8 hours)

Software and Design

  • Powerful and user-friendly software: clarity of results and ease of interpretation
  • SQL Client / Server database provides: Unlimited storage capacity of patients database
  • Networking capabilities for multi-client management, Stable performance with high data flow
  • Simplified operation with an ergonomic design
  • High standard engineering to guarantee maximum reliability and robustness
  • Easy maintenance

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