Sebia’s state-of-the art digital imaging system is designed for the automatic scanning and storage of Sebia gel electrophoresis results. The Phoresis system may scan up to 6 gels simultaneously, and is able to process 324 samples in 4 minutes. The easy to use software guides the operator through a few easy steps: place the gel(s) on the high definition flatbed scanner, select the gel type(s), select the scan icon and view results after each scan.

Phoresis CORE is the all-in-one software developed by Sebia enabling users to interpret, manage, store and recall the assay results produced by the Sebia instruments.



Easy to use and feature-rich, Phoresis CORE provides quick and efficient data management, and can be utilized by all Sebia instruments for either capillary or agarose gel electrophoresis techniques, simplifying the validation process. Its advanced networking capabilities can satisfy the most complex laboratory needs, whether it is managing workload or customizing the network application to provide remote access from any other site, within the core laboratory or satellite locations across towns.

The PostgreSQL CLIENT/SERVER technology enables multi-site management by different operators validating different steps of the reporting process. All these steps can be done, simultaneously, at the instrument site or from remote locations. PostgreSQL CLIENT/SERVER provides unlimited data storage. The Host module of Phoresis CORE supports the bi-directional connection to LIS

Sebia Gelscan

Densitometry Scanning System for High Resolution Image Capture:

GELSCAN utilizes CCD technology which gives a multipoint densitometry reading; this allows for precise quantification of all the fractions. The GELSCAN can also help reduce turn-around-time with a full gel being processed in less than one minute, regardless of the gel size or configuration. Other features include: bi-dimensional measurements, automatic image position correction, and direct visualization with accurate optical density measurement. The system performs an automatic self-calibration and is operated by user-friendly PHORESIS software with extensive curve editing capabilities and customized report options.

This state of the art technology is available as a stand-alone system, GELSCAN, or with HYDRASYS® 2SCAN instrument that allows the user to perform all of the steps for gel electrophoresis on one platform


  • High-resolution image capture technology
  • Direct visualization with accurate optical density measurement
  • Automatic system calibration to ensure light source homogeneity (100% of light transmission)
  • Precise quantification of all fractions
  • High performance, all gel types, with a measure of the black before scanning (0% of light transmission)
  • Perfect stability of the system during data capture
  • Less than one minute per gel – both image capture and data processing
  • Automatic detection of the electrophoretic track location on the gel

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