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Innovation in Diagnostics and Healthcare

Randox was founded in 1982 in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland, by Dr Peter FitzGerald. Randox brings cutting edge laboratory diagnostics to the global market. Today, they export to over 145 countries. Randox employs over 3000 people and manufactures in 4 countries.

Randox is dedicated to improving healthcare using innovative diagnostic technologies, for a range of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and stroke.

Approximately 70% of all medical decisions are based on laboratory results. Randox believes that earlier, more accurate and more accessible diagnostics are the key to improving global health and saving lives.

Quality Control is their passion. Randox believes in producing high quality material that can help streamline procedures, while saving time and money for laboratories. With an extensive product offering comprising third party quality controls & calibrators, interlaboratory data management, external quality assessment, calibration verification and molecular IQC and EQA for infectious disease testing, Randox delivers trustworthy results time and time again.



All Acusera controls are designed to react to the test system in the same manner as the patient sample, helping to meet ISO 15189:2012 requirements while reducing inconvenient and costly shifts in QC results when reagent batch is changed.

Accurate Target Values

Randox unique value assignment process utilizes thousands of independent labs globally, ensuring availability of highly accurate, robust target values for a wide range of instruments and methods, ultimately eliminating the need to spend time and money assigning in-house.

True Third Party Controls

Manufactured independently, the Acusera range delivers unbiased performance assessment with any instrument or method, helping to meet ISO 15189:2012 requirements while simultaneously eliminating the need for multiple instrument dedicated controls.

Shelf Life

With a shelf life of up to four years for lyophilized controls and two years for liquid controls, you can benefit from continuity of lot supply while reducing the frequency of new lot validation studies, thus saving time and money.


Randox superior manufacturing processes ensure stability claims and analyte levels won’t differ significantly from lot-to-lot. You can therefore be sure of receiving the same standard of product time and time again.


The values assigned to both calibrator and control materials are traceable to a recognized reference material or reference measurement procedure meeting ISO 17511 and ISO 18153 requirements.


Specializing in consolidation, the Acusera range of multi-analyte controls is designed to reduce the number of individual controls required to cover your test menu, ultimately reducing costs, preparation time and storage space.

Clinically Relevant Levels

The presence of analytes at key decision levels not only helps to ensure accurate instrument performance but maximizes laboratory efficiency by eliminating the need for additional low/high level controls at extra expense.

Reduced Waste

The unrivalled working stability of the Acusera control range helps to keep waste and costs to a minimum.

Flexible Options

With an extensive range of assayed/unassayed, liquid/lyophilized and single/multi-analyte controls, the Acusera portfolio has a solution to suit all laboratory preferences.

Custom Controls

Randox is a market leader in the manufacture of customized quality controls designed to meet the individual and unique requirements of even the most specialized laboratories.

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