Histo-Tek® VP1™


The convenience of the Histo-Tek® VP1™ gets your staff up to speed quickly and efficiently.


The Histo-Tek® VP1™ is your first step in improving your processing and quality


The Histo-Tek® VP1™ offers proven reliability and increased safety for your laboratory

Fast, safe and reliable tissue processing

  • Intuitive colour touchscreen navigation lets you to monitor and operate the system easily
  • Organize your cassettes in the convenient baskets for easy handling throughout the process
  • The 14-step process provides high-quality specimen infiltration, for both small and large samples
  • The large retort enables you to load up to 300 cassettes each time
  • Thanks to the enclosed system and activated carbon filters, your staff are safe from toxic fumes

Benefits of the Histo-Tek® VP1™Tissue Processor

Color Touch Panel
Navigating the color screen is easy allowing to monitor the system operation.

High Capacity
Load up to 300 cassettes enabling future growth.

Improved Infiltration
Up to 14 steps providing high quality infiltration from tiny biopsies to large surgical tissues.

Specimen Safety
Specimens stay in the enclosed retort during the entire process.

Workflow Efficiency
The convenient baskets organize the cassettes for easy identification, processing and transfer to embedding.

Environment Safety
The enclosed system and the activated carbon filters protect users from toxic fumes.