Group B Streptococcus screening

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Screening for Group B Streptococcus is a common and routine part of pregnancy.

What is group B streptococcus (GBS)?

GBS is a common bacteria which is often found in the vagina, rectum, or bladder. Women often have GBS without having any symptoms. While the bacteria may not cause any problems for the mother, if it infects the baby it can cause rare but serious complications. Around 15-40% of all pregnant women are GBS positive. About 40-70% of those will pass the bacteria to their babies during the birth process, but only 1 in 2000 babies will develop an infection. It is recommended that all women be screened for the bacteria during pregnancy.

Learn more about GBS molecular testing https://bit.ly/3OecPVt


The Society of Obstetricians and Gyneacologists of Canada website https://bit.ly/479GHuW

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