AccuGenomics is driven to improve the accuracy and performance of clinical sequencing for better patient outcomes. The rapid pace of innovation in sequencing-based diagnostics continues to push the limits of detectability for low abundance biomarkers, increasing the need to demonstrate the analytical performance of these tests for patients and healthcare providers. AccuGenomics is actively developing technology solutions that enable test developers and implementers to demonstrate the highest performance levels of their assay.

AccuGenomics improves the diagnostic accuracy and confidence in today’s next generation precision medicine assays through the use of their exclusively-licensed SNAQ™-SEQ internal standards technology. SNAQ-SEQ enables a host of high-sensitive NGS applications including improved ctDNA detection of rare variants; rapid adventitious agent detection in cell therapy manufacturing including CAR-T cells and genetically-engineered stem cells.



Eliminate false positives with greater sensitivity and accuracy at the lowest allele frequencies with our customized Accukits™




Detect adventitious agents throughout your biomanufacturing processes faster and with greater sensitivity with our customized Accukits™


Measure CNVs with dPCR-like resolution in all your NGS assays with our customized Accukits™



Eliminate false positives with our SARS-CoV-2 RNA spike-in internal standards; improved LOD and accuracy for all sequencing assays

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