Our purpose

Dedicated to providing tomorrow’s healthcare technology to Canadians, today.

We research and we listen

We welcome the feedback of our Healthcare Professionals, so that we can find the best technologies from across the globe that will transform healthcare for Canadians. Through our industry partnerships, we research, explore and source technological innovations. Medical devices must meet strict Health Canada Regulatory Standards – we ensure these standards are met. We make sure new and emerging technology meets the needs of Canadian Laboratories and provide value to the health of Canadians.

We collaborate and we partner

Somagen’s Technology and Innovation Team works hand-in-hand with our current and prospective manufacturing partners to provide valued diagnostics tools to healthcare professionals and the patients we collectively serve. We expand on current partnerships, and we forge new relationships, remaining steadfast in our commitment to provide innovative, leading edge, diagnostic technologies that will contribute to the health and wellness of all Canadians.

We deliver and we support

With new products and partners comes the opportunity to make the necessary investments to ensure our standards of exceptional service and support continue to be a priority. New technologies require new skills – we invest in talent to ensure that we can meet ongoing support requirements. We ensure our teams are ready and prepared to support our existing and new customers, remaining committed to our corporate values – integrity, collaboration, quality, expertise and vision.

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