Immuno Concepts was founded in 1979 with a commitment to develop state-of-the-art diagnostic assays for systemic rheumatic diseases.

Immuno Concepts not only pioneered the conversion from rodent tissue to HEp-2 cells for detection of anti-nuclear antibodies (ANAs), but also overcame one of the main pitfalls of ANA detection with the introduction of HEp-2000®, a patented ANA substrate genetically improved with increased sensitivity for detection of autoantibodies to SS-A/Ro. Over thirty worldwide publications confirm the clinically superior performance of HEp-2000®.

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From the very beginning Immuno Concepts was committed to education. Each year they offer complimentary workshops worldwide, educating clinicians and laboratorians on ANA and related testing. Additionally, an extensive set of self-help training is available with their On-Line Training Program, pattern atlases, and pocket guides.

Forty years later they still honor their commitment to quality. They are proud that they have a quality system that is certified to ISO 13485:2016.

Laboratories face more challenges today than ever before. Immuno Concepts is ready with state-of-the art automation such as the AFT pipetting stations and the unique Image Navigator® automated IF microscope.

The Image Navigator® is designed by medical technologists and IFA experts. This automated microscope helps to quickly capture and analyze high-quality immunofluorescent images. Immuno Concepts has maintained the philosophy that an ANA screen should be performed using an IFA. The Image Navigator® was designed to eliminate the subjectivity of manual reading and enhance the user’s confidence in making the correct decision. 

Learning to interpret monospecific IFA patterns is relatively easy. The challenge for users is understanding how to decide on the level of positivity with an IFA slide. Image Navigator® software algorithms quickly sort the potential positive and negative results, which helps with interpretation. An experienced technologist may find mixed patterns a challenge. There may be uncertainty with how to report a mixed pattern. With PAL (Pattern Assisted Learning), technologists are assisted in making the correct call every time. After repeated use of PAL, users will rely on it less frequently, thus speeding up turnaround time. 

Why do we titer? The main reason a laboratory performs an ANA titer is to uncover multiple patterns. The Image Navigator® software is able to help determine the minimum titer dilutions from the ANA screen and present them in a single viewing window. The minimum recommended dilution will help reduce the number of slides used by the laboratory. The advantage is cost savings without risking the important diagnostic value of performing a real titer.

Positive Screen Review (HEp-2000®)

Positive Screen Review (LKS )

Autoimmune FastTrack

The new Autoimmune FastTrack (AFT) series of IFA processors reliably perform all liquid handling steps needed to run any assay from Immuno Concepts. All of the IFA lines are designed to share system fluid and incubation times, allowing multiple assays to run simultaneously.

With fully automated, multi-probe, multi-syringe options – throughput is doubled from the previous generations.

Reagents are loaded hassle-free, straight from product kits. A true walk-away system.

Contact Somagen Diagnostics to see which AFT is right for your lab.

Immunofluorescent Assays (IFA)

Since the beginning, manufacturing IFA slides have been the core focus of Immuno Concepts. Their growth and production processes for their cell and tissue lines have been perfected over the last 40 years, and are the ingredients that make their slides look consistently better than others. Their test systems are designed to work in conjunction, (especially when automated), with matching incubations and system fluids. Slide configurations vary dependent on your needs.

Colorzyme® Test System

The Immuno Concept Colorzyme® assays utilize the same reliable cell production with a patented color reagent that eliminates the variability seen with fluorescent methods such as type of light source, filters, and extraneous room lighting. The results can be read on a standard light microscope helping to bring costs down significantly for new users.


The FITC-QC Slide is an independent quality control check for assessing the level of fluorescent intensity provided by each laboratory’s microscope. Each slide has five different wells of microbeads containing FITC, ranging from 4+ to +/- in intensity. The concentration of FITC in the microbeads is calibrated by flow cytometry. The FITC-QC Slide allows the laboratory to verify proper performance of the optical system of their fluorescent microscope before beginning each run. This conforms to the NCCLS-approved guidelines.

Pattern Controls

Immuno Concepts offers a wide selection of positive, negative, and titratable controls. Please contact Somagen Diagnostics today if you do not see your control listed, to ensure we can support your needs.

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