Our People 

At Somagen Diagnostics we believe in delivering value to our communities, colleagues, customers and stakeholders. We prioritize safety, wellbeing and work/life balance. We ensure there are  equitable opportunities for continuing education professional growth and development. We strive to foster diversity, equity and inclusion building a culture that respects and values our differences.

Professional Growth and Education

At Somagen Diagnostics, our Managers are tasked with supporting colleagues’ learning and development by setting goals, giving clear and regular feedback, and offering opportunities to learn new skills. We provide and encourage ongoing training and development for everyone at Somagen Diagnostics. Employees are actively encouraged and supported in their ambitions to undertake continuing professional development.

Work life balance

Somagen believes strongly in providing a work environment and corporate culture where work life balance is a priority. A balance between one’s work and personal life, fosters professional satisfaction, improves productivity, builds morale while supporting overall health and happiness. Somagen continually strives to offer programs which are current, relevant, and impactful to our employees.

Staff Safety and Wellbeing

Somagen encourages good physical and mental health, ensuring staff prioritize their overall wellbeing. We place a great deal of emphasis on colleague welfare, through our Employee Assistance Programs. Somagen is fully committed to ensuring clean, safe and healthy working conditions and actively promotes a strong safety culture. We work hard to ensure our Health and Safety standards are continuously improved through our Occupational Health & Safety programs, our Joint Health and Safety Committee as well as our ESG initiatives focused on the overall heath and safety of Somagen employees.

Business Culture

The foundation of our business culture model is the fundamental desire to contribute to Canadian Healthcare. Teams at Somagen value continuous improvement, individual accountability and mutual respect. We demonstrate continuous improvement through our dedicated customer focus, taking agile and responsive action to ensure we find innovative, leading diagnostic technologies. Accountability is demonstrated by being experts in our fields, taking responsibility to deliver the highest standards of service and support. We offer respect to our colleagues, customers and partners in everything that we do.

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