Delivering Value Responsibly 

Our purpose is to consistently deliver value by making a difference to our colleagues, our customers, our partners and our communities. Our approach to deliver value responsibly, in everything we do, is by asking ourselves “how can Somagen make a difference”.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We understand that people drive our business. Our workplace welcomes people to be who they are. We are an inclusive organization with a diverse workforce that reflects the global communities in which we live and work. We recognize the importance of celebrating our differences.

Human Rights

Somagen Diagnostics complies with all legislative requirements, regulations and codes of practice in Canada to ensure the rights of every employee are respected and that all stakeholders are treated with dignity and respect. Staff are provided with a safe, secure and healthy environment in which to work. Somagen prioritizes partners who share similar social standards, ensuring regulations and codes of practice regarding human rights, labour laws, and workers rights are upheld.

Protecting the Environment

Somagen Diagnostics is committed to identifying and assessing environmental risks, such as packaging waste, arising from our day-to-day operations. No single department is responsible – everyone at Somagen Diagnostics is encouraged and supported to reduce our environmental footprint. Somagen is aware of our collective environmental impact, and we are mindful of continuously developing our environmental response, as part of our corporate responsibility.


Somagen is aware of our obligations towards those we do business with – hospitals, private and public laboratories, vendors, and manufacturing partners. We deliver the highest standard of expertise and ethical business practices at all times. Ethics, governance, compliance and oversight, play an important role in our mutual success.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Somagen encourages good physical and mental health, ensuring staff prioritize their overall wellbeing. Somagen is fully committed to ensuring clean, safe and healthy working conditions and actively promotes a strong safety culture. We work hard to ensure our Health and Safety standards are continually improved through our Occupational Health & Safety programs, our Joint Health and Safety Committee, and through accountability of our Management teams.


Our people

The fundamental element contributing to our past, present and future success has been and will continue to be, our People. Investing in the professional growth, development, safety, and wellbeing of our staff is essential to Somagen. Prioritizing work/life balance, career and family goals, while ensuring equitable and balanced recognition are core elements of our corporate culture, as our people remain the  foundation of our success.


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