Early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) leads to better patient care and improved survival rates

The fecal immunochemical test (FIT) screening method is the standard of care worldwide.

The fecal immunochemical test (FIT), also traditionally called fecal occult blood test, replaces the Guaiac card test offering further pre-analytical flexibility as FIT does not have dietary or vitamin C restrictions. Patients are able to perform sample collection easily at home, with little disruption to their daily routine. Ease of use results in increased patient compliance.

Better Outcomes

FIT identifies patients for which the presence of fecal occult blood in stool is associated with gastrointestinal disease. FIT testing has improved sensitivity and specificity over the Guaiac method. This improvement directs more of the “right” patients to colonoscopy, leading to the earlier detection of polyps and colorectal cancer.

Benefits of regular cancer screening

  • Getting screened reassures the patient if the result is normal.
  • Cancer screening may help prevent cancer by finding changes that would become cancer if left untreated.
  • Cancer screening helps find cancer early before symptoms when it is easier to treat.
  • Cancer screening helps find cancer before it spreads when it is easier to treat.
  • Early detection may mean less treatment and less time spent recovering.
  • The earlier a cancer is detected, the better the patient’s chance of survival.

OC-Auto® FIT test kit

The fecal immunochemical Test (FIT) screening method for hemoglobin in stool is the new standard of care for the early detection of blood which may be associated with colorectal cancer. It is changing the outcome of colorectal cancer.

Product features:

  • OC-Auto® FIT test kit is performed using the OC-Auto® Micro 80 or OC-Auto® Sensor Diana automated systems
  • OC-Auto® FIT test kit is used for detecting gastrointestinal bleeding associated with disorders such as colorectal cancer, polyps and diverticulitis.
  • Enables the patient to easily collect a sample and return the sample to a testing facility for quick and accurate results.

OC-Auto® Sensor Diana

OC-Sensor Diana is designed to meet your laboratories’ high volume FIT needs. Over 500 million tests have been performed worldwide using this methodology. This advanced immunoassay system, is designed to specifically detect human hemoglobin. The instrument measures 280 samples per hour and its compact design is ideal for a small workstation (width 24.8” x depth 22” x height 22”, weight 133 lbs).
All racks are identified by barcode – sample rack, retest rack, standard/ quality control rack, and dilution rack.


  • 280 samples per hour
  • Fully automated
  • Automatic calibration
  • Stat mode
  • Auto start / Auto wash /Auto shut down maintenance 
  • 100,000 sample memory
  • Barcoded reagents and racks
  • 10.5” LCD display
  • USB connectivity
  • Closed sampling bottle

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