We are defined by our values

Integrity, Collaboration, Quality, Expertise and Vision. 

They are fundamental to who we are and what we do.


Integrity is a core value at Somagen Diagnostics. It brings together ethical behavior, responsibility, honesty and the highest standards of professionalism. Somagen values the trust and loyalty of our stakeholders. We strive to meet and exceed the highest ethical standards while maintaining our resolve and commitment to our core values as we have for over 30 years.


We work closely with medical professionals and leading opinion leaders, from across the globe, to bring best in class diagnostics products to Canadian patients. Collaborating with you, our customer, is especially important to us, as we work to find solutions that suit your evolving needs. We value your feedback and expertise to guide our journey. Your input ensures we work hand-in-hand with our current and prospective manufacturing partners, to provide valued diagnostic tools to Canadian Healthcare professionals and the patients we serve.


At Somagen, we hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest quality of products and services. ​We remain committed to ongoing investments as we search the globe in pursuit of leading diagnostic medical devices. We seek partners who equally value our commitment to quality and dedication to innovation.  


Teams at Somagen, strive to be experts in their respective fields. Our vigorous training, continuing education and years of industry experience ensures our customers have skilled professionals supporting their day to day needs. Somagen recognizes that diagnostic technology is ever-changing and that perpetual learning is a key component to our internal expertise so that we can continue providing excellence in the services we offer.


Somagen’s commitment to remain at the forefront of the healthcare journey is key to our vision. We strive to anticipate patient and clinician needs as well as those of Canadian diagnostic laboratories. We look to the future, upholding our vision, to consistently bring the most innovative and leading diagnostic technologies that will contribute to the health and wellness of all Canadians.

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