ImmunoCAP Tests

Setting the Standard in Allergy Diagnostics

ThermoFisher Scientific is a global leader in allergy and autoimmune disease diagnostics. They are committed to providing accurate, clinically relevant testing solutions to aid in proper disease diagnosis and patient management. Their mission is to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

Putting the patient first with Gold Standard technology you can trust

As pioneers in allergy diagnostics ThermoFisher Scientific have more than 50 years of experience in allergen production and specific IgE product development. Their unique ImmunoCAP™ tests can be run on reliable and fully automated Phadia™ Laboratory Systems, which feature scalable instrument solutions for different throughput needs.

Designed to Offer High Performance and Reliable Results

ImmunoCAP blood tests are sandwich tests, which means that the solid phase ensures binding of all relevant antibodies. This is achieved through an optimized amount of cellulose material with a very large surface area providing a uniquely high binding capacity in each ImmunoCAP test. In addition, ImmunoCAP tests offer your laboratory the ability to provide clinicians with fully quantitative results and reproducibility which is possible as ImmunoCAP  tests are linear and have low limits of quantification.

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Phadia 250

Made to Flex

The Phadia™ 250 instrument is a flexible and versatile instrument, adapting to your laboratory’s changing and growing needs.

It proves its reliability every day at laboratories around the world. Thousands of systems are in use, often in a clustered setup, to aid in the diagnosis of allergy and autoimmune diseases.  A cluster setup allows several Phadia instruments networked together to be operated with one Phadia Prime computer.

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