Tosoh Bioscience, Inc., based in South San Francisco, CA is a U.S. subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation’s Bioscience Division, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Established in the United States in 1989, Tosoh Bioscience has become known for providing sophisticated diagnostic systems to hospitals and reference laboratories.

Diagnostic Leadership
Tosoh builds upon its proven reputation and maintains leadership in Clinical Diagnostics. With state-of-the-art immunoassay and HPLC systems, Tosoh offers superior instrumentation to continually meet the operational and economic needs of laboratories today and in the future.

Immunoassay Pioneers
Tosoh, a pioneer in the field of automated immunoassay systems, continually evolves its product line to offer the most advanced systems in the world.

With rapid changes in technology, laboratories demand innovation. Tosoh remains at the forefront with a world class network of research facilities, scientists, engineers and customer support specialists.


The Tosoh Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HLC-723G11 Variant Analysis Mode is the newest addition to Tosoh’s family of HPLC Analyzers. It has been specifically designed to provide an answer to the ever increasing number of HbA1c requests and general need to optimize laboratory workflows. The G11 is a fast, precise and very user friendly instrument with tons of useful features.

The G11 has a very fast start-up time and daily checks are done in seconds. The analyzing routine only requires one push of a button and is done within 60 seconds in variant mode. Results are shown on the very straightforward high resolution chromatograms. The G11 has automated stop and wash features and a customizable time to power off the unit. Furthermore, columns and filter changes are done in seconds. The HLC-723G11 is a high performance system that ensures smooth operation and trustworthy results.

In addition, the G11 has the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of modern laboratories by offering the unique opportunity to upgrade from 90 sample loader to 290 sample loader and laboratory automation models.

Representative of a G8 Chromatogram

HPLC Technology

High Performance Liquid Chromatography, or HPLC, is the gold standard method for hemoglobin A1c testing. Using Tosoh’s proprietary, non-porous column, their ion-exchange methodology provides chromatographic results in high resolution chromatograms without loss of precision.

HPLC, is an analytical chemistry technique to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture. In ion-exchange chromatography, the glycated hemoglobin components are separated according to their different electrical charge. As fractions elute, the time it takes to separate that fraction is called the retention time. The retention times for each fraction determines the identity of the component.

Tosoh’s ion-exchange methodology utilizes a proprietary, in-house developed, non-porous polymer resin column that provides high resolution chromatograms and high efficiency separation without loss of precision. The HbA1c measurement yields direct determination of stable HbA1c through clear separation between labile HbA1c and stable HbA1c by generating a chromatogram that contains key valuable information about the patient including the presence of a hemoglobin variant or hereditary persistence of fetal Hb- a feature unique to the HPLC ion-exchange methodology. 

G11 Chromatograms

The G11 HPLC analyzer supports the following  mode:  

  • Variant HbA1c Mode – an extended 1.0 minutes mode to allow variant detection

Comprehensive Laboratory Management for Hemoglobin A1c Testing

501RP+ is a data management application software to aid in workflow efficiency for your laboratory from processing to reporting.


  • Complex results flagging
  • Customizable result rules



  • User-defined library
  • Archive of abnormal hemoglobin



  • Customizable result reports
  • Detailed peaks on graphs
  • Overlay or comparison function



  • Embedded daily maintenance checklist
  • Complete maintenance management
  • On-board service records



  • Centralized QC analysis
  • Use of Levey-Jennings
  • Employment of Westgard rules



  • Analysis trending of SA1c results
  • Barcoded reagents and consumables
  • On-board stability tracking and expiry

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