We’re Going Green!


Did you know that Canada is ranked among the Top 10 highest Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emitting countries in the world?

At Somagen, we care about the future of our country and our neighbors, which is why we are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint.

While we have always tried to be mindful of the environment by participating in recycling programs, replacing lights with energy efficient options, and more recently, switching to low-flow no-touch faucets around the office, we understand that there is still great work to be done.

In 2020, Somagen made a massive reduction in our paper consumption by introducing our customers to electronic invoicing and implementing new systems that allow us to conveniently send and receive documents, including faxes, electronically. Investments in technology for each of our team members has ensured everyone can comfortably perform their duties to the best of their ability without having to consume and squander extra resources.

This month, we are proud to announce the implementation of more GHG reducing initiatives at Somagen Headquarters!

Somagen has partnered with a local shredding company who will ensure a more energy efficient system for the shredding and disposal of all our paper waste. Through them, all our paper will be kept in the country and recycled into new, useful products for Canadians.

Our 2022 initiatives include more than just paper! Last year, all households in the Edmonton area were provided with bins for organic waste, which is now collected by the city and turned into biofuels and compost. But why can we only save the world when we’re at home? This month marks the beginning of an exciting partnership with a Canadian waste management company so we, too, can be part of the solution. Somagen’s head office is now equipped with multiple organic waste bins for staff use. With over 50% of the collection vehicles powered by clean, natural gas, our organic waste is being collected by the most environmentally friendly waste management fleet in Edmonton.

We appreciate the land we live and work on and we are excited to make changes to help keep it healthy for future generations.

Check back often to see future environmental initiatives.



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